good bye….cross fit ISH

Several years ago I remember seeing the whole cross fit craze hit and I say how so many women began to become buff and I was soooooo against it. I remembered a time that I had become that and was sad t the femininity of the world morphing into masculinity…softness was gone.

But I decided not to be extremist and so I tried it out eventually and after about three months I too was fully addicted. I too wanted to lift these weights as big as possible.

I remember waiting before a lift and thinking…I am going down the rabbit hole…I left I went to a less cross fit place and then ended up trough several years again back at another gym…that was based on cross fit.

I started playing this new role and she was NOT happy with the workout.being from 1957….the music was vulgar ….the vibe…she wanted something nicer and so I left the gym that my family goes to together and I returned to roller blading and yoga and pole dancing in my house and ankle weights…

I feel lighter…and I am able to do a head stand because I found my small very deep ab muscles that since this CROSS FIT stuff I have not been able to get my mind on…but since I stopped the training of major muscles and began to focus on the minor ones I had the space the quietness to find them…

I can literally lift my legs together over my head and straight into a head stand….those little muscles are being called to action and I am thinking that my posture and my belly will be better for it.

TIME will tell..