Hello …..creativity fatigue

I am in a play. My play runs for four weekends…Thursday through Sunday and we run our small pieces about 7-9 times a night.
Come Monday I am exhausted…my mind is at peace and my body is relaxed and I have no desire to try and create DRAMA.
Fulfilling my creativity desire has been a very healing thing for me.
I am not teaching at all right now- keeping my thoughts and feeling about the world to myself…not prophesying…or trying to affect change and just focusing on my character and it is peaceful.

I spend the days like most spoiled Jewish girls wish they could….at one spa or another working out and lounging and recuperating…I am not in any way trying to change the world. I am relaxed and content and as the world is falling around me I figure I can focus on my kids and my family and my art and in the end…know that they had my last bit of attention before the world dissolved…isn’t that the way to be at the end of the world? do what your truly love?

I am enjoying this somewhat irresponsible role.
Not creating huge things but being part of them- not getting angry at the way things turned out but accepting them…not being an activist but more a non active pacifist…it is calm and DRAMA funnily enough has little room in this reality..

I enjoy it and I am waiting….waiting for the inspiration to knock on my front door. I am learning to wait…not to push or force things in my creating and let it seep…let it slip in…let the universe come to my door it always has.
I am not anxious or angry…I hear nasty thoughts in my head that are not my kindest and I council them and I open the door and I let them out.

Being quiet is a clearing for allows me to hear my self…ALL of my selves and it is kind and being alone…I can take the time to tend to them and hear what they want. I can listen to my selves….
I am still a little on Instagram and on Facebook…But that will always ebb and flow.