Goodbye….cancer cell

just a little thing on the top of my head that I kind of ignored. Funny how we focus on the OTHER and the LARGER and in the end it is the little things.

I went yesterday to get this removed and I have now a hole in my head sewn shut along a part I will never use again. I have a memory of the sun and I playing that I dare think will be never again. I have a reality of a life lived in paradise and never yet -till yesterday- payed dearly for..

I am stiller today and kinder now and my farewell to the sun is sad…tears rolled down my face as that evidence was removed,,,not pain…but loss..loss of innocence and how moving on…being more aware of the sun and my relationship to it- will no doubt change my carefree vibe

But still…I respect her and love her and will adore her from a further distance now…at a later hour now…at an earlier time…I will walk in the shade and sit under a tree and remember the days from a place of ease.

and Ill need to buy a proper hat…