Knowing you can do things by yourself has a tinge of sadness to it. It pulls you away from your pack and you break away…and in that your self you knew peels off of hurts a bit the first few times but then you become familiar with the burn…it is now a habitual feeling you recognize and welcome..regardless of the sadness of farewell because you know your position is not Set if there is room to move forward.

It isn’t that where I was was bad…angry or intense…things are much more subtle when you get closer to your true self…it is more of a fleeting feeeling…a wind that passes by and reminds you of scent you once knew but don’t anymore.

It is a sniffing of the exact blade of grass type of work-

What this does is that it takes the pressure off the emails of the road i am building and I say…that will do…this doesn’t need to be perfect…just good enough because my heart is on a mission and if I pause too long to worry is a line is right or a word is spelled correctly the wind will die and I may just loose my wind…and have to wait till I am bold enough to not care that you are reading this judge in me becasue in the end if you are reading this you find somethign in it regardless of my imperfection and I hope one day you’ll find that within yourself…

Imperfections are testers….focus on them and stay put…ignore them and live in denial but address them and absorb them as you and all of you will fly…not fragments…unity-

I am by myself in an office getting a small surgery and no one is here to hold my hand. I am alone and I am with life- I trust this thing on my head is happy to be taken off and I will be freer without this clog in my receptor. I believe in this version of myself becasue the proof is in the pudding….I am SOLO – SOLITO as my mother in Law tells me about her son…But now I am the thing I use to find rude and individualistic but the thing is…pull the herd and drain your energy…jockey up front and take off…whoever drafts let it be…i will be eyes on the glistening sun of the MIami JTCausway reflecting back the dreams of the legends-