Heading into Tech week for Miami Motel Stories.

this role is sweet and interesting and I think i have finally begun to grasp her. tomorrow starts Tech week…which is basically putting all the pieces together and seeing how the entire piece plays out.

I have decided that the routine of a show is best for me. I am done with the open schedule I have had for the past x amount of month..I want to be told where to go and what to say for a bit.

I am building my own second schedule around performances…it will be based on how I feel but also not to exhaust me too much as I understand that that is not helpful for this journey anymore…and about executed the grant and the book?

Yesterday pre heat game and after some moderate exercise and a massage I sleep for an hour and NEEDED to and that is something humbling and new I am going to add into my day if I need it…room for a possible nap.

SIESTA is going to be my word of the year…I have decided and in that I must find time and delegate and choose my adventures and rejoice in the pause…

I am also going to speak to my new grant writer who is local and an artist about working with me on my SURF book

I feel like although I am not practicing it ..the conversation about movement and joy is so ON right now and I almost feel I could pitch the book idea and get funding…if I wanted to bc the topic is super relevant and well versed and researched..and perhaps if I can just get this one book underway then..

but honestly I just want the work I book to align with the play in Fall when I do it again…