Post RAI and I am currently Euthyroid.

It is about a month and a half after I took I very low dose of RAI to heal my toxic Nodule. The first sign I had that perhaps things were working was that I got cold in a restaurant. I haven’t felt cold in MIami for a while…

The next thing was that my mood was more even keel even in a very stressful time of working in a play and being recast in another role.

The third was the results of the test! I am having another blood test tomorrow and I hope and truly feel i will still be normal.

I asked the Doc to do a sonogram but he didn’t want to yet..( we hadn’t gotten the test results back at that time and I think he felt like he didn’t think it was prudent or helpful as the nodule could grow before it shrunk. and he knows how fragile I can be but honestly I feel so so so much better…I am pretty amazed.I wonder how long I have had this condition and wish I could trace it back.) ..

I also feel that whatever Hoshimotos symptoms I had have been relieved by this treatment as well.. and that makes sense….

I take a 24 min kitty cat nap mid day and all is swell with me being up and working the night shift.

It is interesting to feel almost calm –