Healing home

IF you are interested in helping another person be it from a place of grace and love and not from bitter jealousy.

But who is to know…if it is. Only those that dare to pull out their thoughts and read them like those of a fortune cookie …to hear the lines that were written many years ago and to acknowledge they are still in the sub talk..underneath what you wish you fully felt..but no thought is fullly one shade it exists because of its opposite- what matters is what we allow to grow.

WHY? Because the dark thoughts are within us always…it is only through patience and acceptance of them that we can learn their use…a power source we can transmute into high voltage grace..if we can hold are hand there long enough without slapping it away or into another- 30 seconds then a minute…and so on until a whole hour can go by long enough for you to get distracted and move on to something more pleasant…without loosing space and time in the dark void of your light…

Look at the thought from all angels and see it…for what it is …a thought that is requesting a ticket to your emotions and a healed person has removed the monthly pass and knowing it can not evict the thought..has decided to attend to it like any other rider…with grace – patience and understanding..


Why do I think that horrible thought…walk the cat backwards as my acting couch would say and see where this might have all begon and pull the root out a little..a little more…each time and soon it will be a thought without a root..a bad actor who doesn’t land her lines…she just mouths them and they have no power on her or any other who she thought this about. but the thoughts may remain just not rooted…and that is fine..

Thoughts…are more powerful than actions or words…they are your everything…learn to dance with them good music…entertain them in doses but never ignore them. Address them with a smile and love if you can muster it…

Create a healing home… a clean healing home…