they were all right…thyroid journey.

So it is about 3 months since I started actively getting info on my swollen neck that I never noticed and it turns out that.

The chiropractic neurologist diagnosed me correctly, as did the Endocrinologist at first ( from the sonogram) and then finally a blood work that easily shows I have anitbodies for hoshimotos…

so…soo….I also DO NOT have any genetic mutations so that is a HUGE relief…but

my sloppy diet is no more.. I am now a care taker again…of myself…I am back on a journey that will one day have no clear start date as it will feel like me.

i feel better off OFF all these things ( diary, caffeine, eggs, wheat) . I feel better and that is what my focus is and my kids and family.

I did call into my original DR office that eventually misdiagnosed me and he has no concern I am LOW in iodine and reiterated it even though the test results say so. People live in their own world unless they dare to break free…and live in none of them..which is scary and unstructured my joyful and wild- structure is much more manageable.