Dear 2019…nice to meet you. I want to say that I was met you wish a bump of my head into the headboard, a kiss in the morning and a very real understanding that I am surly 45.

Taking away signs of age are an endless job…aligning with age and respecting my future self is at first humbling and yet kinder journey.

This winter break I said hello to 2019 with yoga and walks and lots of dancing in the rain nude and taking photos of the body that is as close to what the gods have given me as I can- with in my owning of mistakes.

I danced in the rain and I welcomed you here and I am taking a softer breath this morning…I am not trying to weight through it…but dance…dance through things and into things and out of things…

I am totally unaware fo what the future months hold nor do I really care…just that I will be in a play in the FRINGE festival and what and who I will be playing or saying is nothing of my concern.

I think that I am going to softly play my process and stay clean…

That OD on cannibus has cleared me of my delusions my near death in my mind was enough to explain that what lies beyond my own compreshenion is of no concern to me at this point…I am clear of that desire to escape.

Hello – 2019 I am SO happy to meet you with a smile a kiss a bump and a very real awareness of what part of the game I am at…too real….but as my body required me to pay heed I will accept my fate with an opened heart…fingers dancing to their next adventure…

Steve mentioned we will be traveling for MY work and he will join me….along the way….bc I will be a leader in my field…wanted by Miami folks and desired around the world and I am honored to be part of this dream sequence.