I am thinking that perhaps my desire to heal the lineage has to begin either with the top or the bottom of those available to me.

Meaning either the elderly or the younger ones.

I have been very resistant about this and yet every time i do my own cards from my own Godess deck it says to work with children.

It wasn’t till i spent this past week with my fmaily that the prayers began to fall and i see that my younger self is able to lead me
to speak to like minded youth.

I submitted my class to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I started to think about Lineage..about my own family…about pains that if not healed get transferred to the rest of us…

How do you heal a FAMILY.

I am gong to meet with Natasha and from there I can BUILD a clean group of teachers that do not use BLOCKERS to communitcate. Meaning no Botox, No Weed, no nicotine, no alcohol -for the month we are in this world…of trying to clear lineage..

I think if I can build my class…How to #recast your life and then align that with the book, work with my DR. On it and perhaps a few other people…and after the event see what being CLEAN allows people to FEEL and connect and be at peace.

#HTRYL #susiektaylor