Hello….. Agent

I have had two agents to speak of. Each have done a fine job but in the end I felt like they and I bottomed out.

I wasn’t getting the feedback I needed to move forward and what I learned by representing myself this past couple months was that it was my issue.


I wasn’t really approaching my on camera work with a sense of wisdom and clinical awareness. I didn’t ask for feedback during the audition without judgment. I was still attached to my craft in a way that was limiting.

By becoming my own manager and agent I learned a great deal and have now decided to work with a new agent-someone who respect the actor and who has a love for the game.

I found her through a birthday wish on LinkedIn and thorugh meeting her I realized that as I was stumbling through my on camera career I was at hearing content to clip together to make this transition much easier.

She even went above and beyond and asked about my family and I sent an image of them with my mother in law and mom and she was also interested in them.She has a bigger vision then many other local agents I have worked with or rather was seeing me in a different way then others and here is the question.

Have I changed…Yes..I have become more open…more willing and in that she sees me with endless possibilities which then pushes me to myself with that same vision. I asked her about being a scout for her since I tend to come across a ton of talent and she was OPEN to it.

And that my loves is the game..stay open and the world will be open and your mind is easily inhabited by evil little naysayers if you are idle…stay moving…stay with your chin up…meditate…pray…protect…and profisize daily on your own behalf…tell the universe where you are going and remind it is just a step in the never ending journey you are willing to explore..

I am getting a Basel cell removed today and it is on the center top of my head..meaning my third eye is going to be opened and in that moment I will inject only positive beliefs and will not hang with negativity…as that grind on my lightness.

I had a vision in my meditation.. I was dancing on the tip of a pole with absolute agility and faith and it was so freeing..

That is what this year is going to be all about….one toe on the tip of a pole that happens to be grounded int he earth and the rest of me dancing to capture the world

I am embracing the world_evey color for which I am to shade into my rainbow of life.