tomorrow I am starting one month of once a week classes. I am starting becasue I want to do them and I miss them and they make me happy. I am starting becasue being kind takes practice and I like to keep my kindness in check.

I am feeling today…feeling a bit drained. THis weekend kicked my but- I got my period and I was a mess. I was tired and drained in every sense of the word…and then…after two days of wanting to eat peoples eyes..I returned my pretty normal self…

I can tell that even when I am not saying anything that my energy has shifted becasue people look at me differently…more scared then the normal happy and it is becasue I am in a MOOOOOOOOD…I think Devon had my by my pig tails this weekend and refused to let go till everything I said was said.

i still can’t work out…keeping the diet high protein…no carbs…lots of eggs and just had my first burger MINI in several months-

I am waiting…a bit…for things but tomorrow I am teaching.. I went to an audition today that I purchased somethign for which a never do but felt it woudl be a smart call and now I am stifling in them.

Scrubs are the BEST thing ever.

I have been cut open many times in my life
2 c sections
3 breast surgeries.
in out and up
and now my head.
that makes 7
and that is a holy number.

I’m fine and I have scars to prove it.

this post was written slate at night and I bet it sounds like it