Hello…..I am sorry after all this time

The power of our minds is amazing if you think about it. And the ability to hurt people with our thoughts is real. If you have a villian in your life and your are wishing them ill…you are hurting them…and thus…you are the villian and they become the victim….

In this moement of #kavenough and #Ford I think about this. What if…..Ford accuses Kavanaugh and explains all the pain and then say to HIM Pleas forgive me for holding you as the villian all these years….and then Kavanaugh in an amazing turn of character breaks down becasue all those secrets…all those pains…couldn’t begin to be released on him…what with all the KArma thoughts he created…they perhaps never go away

But here…Dr. Ford says….please forgive me for holding you as my villian…

Did the Ho’oponopono prayer….
So and so
Please forgive ME
I am sorry
I love you
THank you

I have done this…to three people in my life that I held as villains due to sexual conduct.
Each of them are better for it and I believe each of them were harmed by my inability to release them all those years as MY villian

They say children become what you call them…

By asking them to forgive ME for holding THEM all these years the trauma began to unchagre in my life…the event became close with love… – i felt it was mine to do with as I may and I decided … is good so I am going to just……let it go…little by little till there is just a phantom memeory of it all. And of the three— one i see often and we are super close friends, one I keep i contact with through text and we are spiritually close due to our past…and the third I only spoke with via facebook but I see he is now a healer himself …so see.

What we need to do is free people when you can…becasue …. you can.

Still wouldn’t vote any of them into the Supreme Court though…

God Speed.