Hello …Edinburgh

since I went to London and saw Starlight Express when I was nine I always wanted to skate and dance and act on a stage in the UK.

Well- patience my dear freinds..three minutes till passing zone and if you plan it right. If you get your ducks lined up you may just make it happen-

Aug 2019 I plan to be in Scotland with a piece I am creating. I plan to star in a play I create by myself. I plan to spend a month working as an actress in this world as I had always wanted.

A dream has a food- needs to be fed and if it isn’t satiated it will eat at you. I have felt it first hand.

There are no excuses. A family is NOT an excuse it is a reason.
A never have is not an excuse it is a motivation
A but why? is not a defense it is a reason.

I am sitting here isn the BErks sourounded by most of my closest girl freinds and their mothers and we are enjoying a once in a life time experience…life happens..when you focus on its Lovelness.