The idea that we have ONE true mother is not real for me anymore…we have many versions of a mother figure throughout our lives…however the one relationship we must pay close attention to is how we see ourselves or rather our material mother is the one we should be the most tender to…tender in the sense that don’t put too much attention on the details…and when you do…laugh at your silly ness that one person could make up another’s world…

We are all products of a million light years through up against a wall and slid down into a magnetic kiss that found receiving lips and hips and built a love and a life and then from that thier best replications

But the replication must know thier origin and then not OWN it in any way.
We must know ourselves and then now own it too tightly.

We have —-as i swam in the warm pool at my mothers house which was being filled with my high school freinds and their mothers… an image of a play- of lots of women who complain about the other and tell one audience member to hold a painting and give them a pen and then say feel free to add your own doodles and then only to be met by another “person” who is made and the doodles that were made…By making one person happy… yourself… you risk the truth in making everyone else miserable..

But I have learned in my many intense arguements that my role in my marriage as far as wife was NOT making my HUSBAND happy. Or rather …let me adjust…my role as a mother toward my husband was not something he wanted to have. He still has his mother and she is very much in her life…
And I am not a mother to him. I began to see that I even streamed him like a dad rather that just a husband and so releasing him of my MOTHERING i has directly released myself of his fathering and I am free.

There once was a rainbow who loved to sing while she thought of her golden ring
BUt one day a man freedom in the sky
YEslled at the rainbow and made her cry
He told her to stop but she wouldn’t respond.
SHe just ignored him and climber beyond.
How dare he said the man
I control this earth
I am the owner of the land.
But the rainbow from up above still loves to sing…while she things of her folder ring
As her tail drags behind her….making oval curves…she tried to escape the man and tried to control her nerves.”

I was trying to figure. Out if I should do a full 30 day run in Edenbough and their feeling I am getting is yes
I feel a full run would make all the effort worth will be more that I think I can handle right now so somethign to strive to and give people time to come visit.

My freinds int he house of my mother are all my mothers…they have all allowed me to be the spirit I am and the kindness I have learned…they have offered me the space and the platform to observe nature and this story I write will be my observation as best I can told with love and respect and understanding…to cut the energy to free the ghosts.