Hello Fraxel

I am ending the first day of Fraxel. My amazing friend performed the procedure like the artist she is. I was mulling this over for years and then back and forth this last month and finally I got my head all the way around it until I was beyond excited by the idea. Letting go of my past…and reducing my risk of more Basel cells…all the while looking better…win win win …

To be honest the Laser was a little…bothersome….annoying at times but nothing that hurt too much.. Nothing that Made me scream or cry…but I did flex my feet a few time…here and there…where the numbing didn’t take as well in certain places..regardless I was treated with kid clothes and it was a pure please to be in the brilliant hands of Dr. Cheryl Aber.

My mom took me home and we stayed here while we watched some TV and then Maria stopped by and my face became to calm down. In fact..I took Advil well I got home just to ease the tingling feeling on my face…and it was fine…a few hours after the procedure and I was feeling fine.

I have also started my Danette May Diet again. I went off the wagon and my body got soft for the last play and then I just kind of didn’t have the mojo to get back into high gear with my eating. little by little we slip…

But this treatment and the Danette May cleanse and all the projects I have coming up are coming at the right time…I am ready to begin again.. the solidification of all the work…the process at some point needs a form and that form it taking place…in my projects. in my upcoming play…in my endless possibilities of what a group of powerfully spiritual woman can do…if they just hang out together.see,

The other night I invited some women to gather…create a witches brew …and we went really well…a coven of sorts that I have to say it was beyond thrilling to be part of…they said I was drunk..I say tipsy is what Susie on White wine is…and happy..

I enjoyed introducing these women to each other and I enjoyed the idea that they made new friends…that night..

Sending you and your loved ones a peeling off of past pains…a treatment that allows you a fresh start…a do over…I look forward to staying home and healing this week…down time is so needed right now.

Sending hugs and love again and again.