Hello….Mia Mi

Mia wrote me a letter and I wanted to share it…I had asked her to …well asked all the people I loved to write a monologue about me for a play I was doing and she was the first to write back and the only one to write back without reminding…Mia is my freind…someone I woudl have never met in normal circumstances…but still…a person I respect – this is what she wrote…sort of a love letter from my point of view…

The 1st day I met you I wasnt sure what to think or how I felt, not just because I was fresh out of the hospital doped up on prescription pain killers but because you’re quirky and eccentric, full of energy. I for sure can say I’ve never met anyone like you before and anyone else that came close I tried to stay far away from because that kind of energy usually overwhelms and irritates me. Oddly you were different and instead of feeling overwhelmed or irritated I appreciated it. All that energy you have uplifted me in one of the worst times in my life.
You are an amazing person, you have to be special to get me to view and see something different as stubborn as I am. We both obviously come from two very different places in life and you showed me that the same thing I feared about you, I was wrongly doing myself but I’m glad we both gave each other a chance. Never once did I feel like you were judging me or bringing me even more down by feeling sorry for me. And I learned that even women that are educated, brought up in a great family, and environment can be humble and amazing not the stereotypical American Jewish Princess I thought you were going to be lol. You’re a strong tough woman and have so much courage and I thank you for coming to one of the roughest cities in Miami to listen to my bullshit while I’m rubbing medication on freshly stapled wounds and not freaking out or letting that scare you away from keeping in contact with me. I also thank you for not letting my criminal background stop you from trusting me I know your husband was probably advising you
Against letting someone like me into your home LOL.

THis woman mother lover is something of a force and if her opportunities were better or rather she could kill her demons she’s run this world…and all of us in it…sending her love and light and power that she already has in the tips of her fingers.