Hello…..Voice over

WHen I lived in the City and I was working as a waitress, a cigar girl a trainer and an actress i auditioned for a pharma voice over. It was for obsessive compulsive disorder.

The video they showed us was a woman who was an indoor cyclist who was riding around in circles…I remember my line was….somethign like…

“Hello, my name is Sally…and I have obsessive compulsive disorder” then you woudl see this woman going round and round on this course….I can’t remember what happened…if I got paid or not but I got the gig…we recorded it…they made the commercial and then I was told the client felt the whole thing was too humorous…

Anyway…I went yesterday into a sound recording studio and began to build up my reel for voice over. I am good at this and it is very fun and I have been meaning to do this for two decades…boy what having kid and raising a fmaily and being married and being kind can cost you…HA

I am happy to inform those that are still in it that all the muscles strength you build from these parts of your life will indeed strengthen your ability to pursue your purpose when you get there…to because of the things that happened but just the strength and dexterity you created from dealing with them…becasue that is the biggest skill set…HOW YOU DEAL

So here are my two commercials….I am very excited

Commercial ONE

Commercial Two