Hello…..My Mr. Miami Beach

Steve and I had out first date infont of the Cleavelander. I believe my sister was working there and I remember walking Steve over to her..I think he was wearing a red top and shorts and the top was tucked…My sisters face was priceless….”He’s taller than me!” She said as she waited on the tables extending down the sidewalk.

I went to the beach with Steve ( what would end up being one of three dates I would have that day- two with soon to be Doctors and then this guy) and I was wearing a turquoise bikini and I was fit and he was Anamored of my stomach and that was what I had…a great ass and nice abs and we stayed there talking about god and Jesus and this man was so OFF and I disagreed with everything about it but I loved it too. He was kind of sexy in a dorky way and sweet in a real way and smart in a faithful way and most importantly…he believed in something and THAT is the sexiest thing ever…even if I didn’tagree with him-

So as he sat across from me today talking – or as he woke me up with a kiss this morning and I grabbed him with delight…I have to say that the boy on the beach is peaking his head up…up from all this work of trying to grow up and that boy..that faithfilled kind boy is blossoming in my line of sight into this Alpha being that is loving and kind and protective and warm and AWAKE…

I adore what is becoming of Steve and what I am becoming in his company.