Hello …..Offers

My tarot cards said I will receive offers. I am happy about this. I am working on reviewing…I am a much better giver in bed and in life and so being able to recieve is a practice I am enjoying. This month thus far I have received a contract to be in a play, A contract to rent a theater, A offer of a Live Industrial paying BIG Bucks and an opportunity to read Shakespeare…A meeting with another agent and the house to myself this weekend.

I am receiving it all…I am working hard to be in the receiving mode…I also bumped into beautiful beings of light today who are gong to join me on Tuesday for my class and who have a theater space for me to tour to possible teach my class at on another date…maybe Saturday… I am waiting on more things but as I sit with open arms I am equally greatful for the abundance in my life…

I can complain about life just as easily but I know better…focus on the light and that is what will come to you…so there.

My class is happening on Tuesdays at 2 this month and I love it…the location is called Tropical Vinyasa…super beautiful studio

Next week I hope to gather a group of creative beings to play with me and manifest a beutiful version of a world be have yet to know…built by overs who have respect and ownership of their power..