Hello……Mother Ship…

So I have come to understand that STRESS and SUSIE are not great…I like to move quickly and lightly and when things…waves come toward me IF i really look at it and measure it I get overwhelmed and shut down and CRY a lot…

THis is usually during my period and I feel trapped and alone and like the world is after me…but…BUT…this time I made a CALL. I called another power house woman while I was slipping and she got my footing back.

I feel the person you call is of most importance..if they are not in the same game thy will tend to buffer you and let you slip and slide becasue that makes sense to them..

If you want to play in the big leagues you need to practice with the BIG leagues and keep yourself in that batting cage till the whole bucket of balls are strikes..( I miss that)

So I called Sofia. My once enemy in junior high turned best freind for life- I wish we lived closer.

After I spoke with Steve and declared I was about to JUMP SHIP on all of it..



Sofia called just then…called me back…I actually had reached out to her and she was my lifeline…and good thing…because she is in the same ocean and negotiating the same waves…she is the only one I really need to hear right now..

She walked me through my “problems” and helped me see they are NOT “problems: at all- just a ton of opportunity I am not yet sure how to handle and this…this is where I have in the past cowarered down— weakened my grip, thought to myself…OH I CAN’T DO ALL THAT…

and becasue she was kind and loving and peaceful and understanding because she too is right there…at the presispus of it all…she was able to take me back behind the MOTHER ship.


FLOW STATE is also drafting…if you think about it!

Be xoxoxoxo carful who you speak to when you are sad

some with mother you
some with challenge you TOO hard and knock you down and some – like Sofia