Hello…..Soho Beach House

Last year on December 11, I found out I had a membership to THE Soho house. I have been enjoying it all year but especially these last two months. I have devoted my FRIDAYS to RELAXING with my dear friend MARIA. We take the boys to school early and then we begin our full day or R and R.

IT has proven a very very productive venture. In these months I have learned to manage my time. Work on several projects without getting overwhelmed, connect with my girl freinds and just work out and have fun,

I love the SOHO house and I DEFY anyone to say anything bad about it.

It suits me..the women’s locker room is a breath of feminine elegance that ONLY women can enjoy and the feminine vibe and conversation that is held there is needed in our GENDER assimilated society.

I like being with GIRLS- Not Sexually… but for company and for companionship. Most for my freinds are women…but for a few…and I love that…and I am thankful that my DEAR FREIND MARIA and all her wonderfulness chooses to spend her FRIDAYS with me….

Maria and I became freinds about 7 years ago during T Ball and ever since we have been mostly in each other’s lives….I am happy for that…and I think she is too and our two boys love their two boys and it all seems to work out really well..

I am thankful to have a close companion on this ride called Motherhood////