I went off coffee about two weeks ago while I was doing a three day detox on the Danette May diet. I went off and calmed down and when it was time to go back on…I thought…maybe just decaf…

So I have been on decaf these past few weeks and I have NOT fought with Steve. I have been very energized and have seemed to loose that tummy I was about to accept.

Coffee and Susie are not a great fit. From the position I am now, I can tell you I am even sweeter off cafine and people don’t drive me nuts and I am better at a slower reaction towards things and I can make better choices in how I want to handle my critics.

I am deliberate and free off of coffee and I like it.
I hope I remember I am a Decaf girl and remain that way for a while becasue I know in my heart that my heart is better for it.