I am not sure how it happened…most likely due to my lack of size C boobs but I have developed a tummy. I am not impressed with this tummy and not sure why or how it got here. I think the two surgeries this year did a number on me and it is still two month shy of a year since the first one so…maybe I am still recovering..

lucky me

I get to get a basil cell out soon which will dampen my workout again…I have to start understanding what is making me get this pooch.

I know when I was 100% off bread I was better…I know this..

So I can do that…I can go off again…

But still

Just looked at a wonderful weekend of images and there was my pooch.the other girls were concerned about thier mothers and I was blissfully SET in my relationship with my mother…RESET to the date that she taught to skip- that is how I am currently programmed and it works for me.
this happened thorugh my movement class and I am happy I have that beautiful memory ingrained in my scull.

I hope that it isn’t removed when they take off my Basel cell…i am also secretly hoping they can perform a small brow lift when they suture the skin together…I mean a girl can dream can’t she

Growing old gracefully around a ton of women who are not…is a fascinating experiment…