Hello ….Loyalist

Today I sat at my kitchen table explaining to Steve about the Theaters in Edenbough and what the costs and the run woudl look like.

He told me that the idea of me going almost 11 months from now gives home peace and something that doesn’t stress him out.

I said I hope I get the Grant from Miami Light Box so thatit wil help pay for creating the work and Steve stopped me

He said it is nothing to worry about and there is no expectation for me to fund this. He said we all have out things and this is Your thing…your art..what you need to do like I do with sports and Jaedon with coding and Mason with sports…this is what you do Susie.

I had to stop him from talking… at that moment….and i went to give him a hug and thank him.

I realized that by doing all the work and getting the idea together…and never bringing steve into the conversation until I had to sign a contract.

Since I am not great at business and contracts and me are not the best combination..