If I presented my case with a smile

The pain of the situation. Or the fact that the birthing being is not the head of her society at the moment.

The fact that the birthing is a mechanical job a LABOR requirment meant only for one type of being.

A choice but only for HER.

HE has NO Choice. He has no choice if HE births a baby. He will never ever ever birth a baby unless he becomes a SHE and perhaps then…magic and science will allow this new being to birth.

But till that time the time we have now is that

The Birthing Labor is a third class citizen. Below the machine and the men that need not stop in their track when A child is born. We have warped the world by asking men to become mothering.

As my Rabbi once warned

It is always CHRISTMAS VACATION bc if they change it to anything less polarizing you will come to think you are part of the majority.

And so by lassoing the men to our bedside we have aligned with them and not VISA VERSA…we are the too…birthing and not birthing.

We sexualize ourselves

We charge ourselves through that sexualization

We fear not being sexually valid

And we file suit when we arrive there

on either side

Yet that is when I suppose and have become viscerally aware. That is truly when women are free.

Free to NOT be men. Free to not be in LABOR…Free to NOT be a birthing being…

It is a fascinating play we have written OURSELVES into.

The hero who becomes the villian to become the hero of WHAT.

What have we actually freed ourselves from?

I am finding that earth requires responsibilities. But too many taxes the system and shuts our purpose down.

This epidemic has re-quited us. Peeled away the bullshit. Re-set the goal lines and we are now squinting to see what that new goal exactly is.

Is it anything…at all

Have we denounced goals yet?

Have we realized that our conversation is out…not right our left.

Have we felt a glimpse of nature in our being…