Like you always do

nothing really changes when you surround yourself with the same people. Their perception of you is locked in and difficult to change and the energy they help you maintain is then brought out into the world. It can hijack all you are building on another plain. It is a magic trick; it is a wrestling match it is a fight for your new you and it is not in a fun light easy thing. If it is easy it isn’t happening…you are simply side stepping.

Three times is too many. I have bells, they go off when I am in a danger zone, when I am walking down a path, I know has MINES….i hear them…I second guess them and then there is always a third one that burns my finger that will cause me to about face.

I had that ….another lover who gets too close for comfort and pulls lightly on a rug. First a tug, then a mistaken trip and then…like ALWAYS…the loud and clear clanging of the table wear falling to the ground.


I will once again exit a story. kindly and with grace.

I am once again not interested in risking feeling USED by another creative. I DO NOT enjoy it…or maybe I do?

..but I have to release that.

From this moment on I vow to NEVER co create with another female DIVE. I am the QUEEN B and I am not interested in pretending I want of desire a partner.

I am the one lying after all then…pretending…I want to play…

I have needed this LAST lesson…I have had to address it as this would have been the person that would align with me with mission but in the end…it is JUST LIKE LAST TIME.

A scorpion stings…its her nature…even if she does it followed by a hug.

I am not tricky enough to USE people for too long…. but oh how I feel used and so I must be…and goodbye goodbye and thank you.

I am over that. I said my peace….she knows my truth and all I can say is

I want for you what you want for you.