make a wish and wait….a moment

today I worked on a Home Depot Job as a SAG extra but I was booked from my head shot and it was a great gig/ half day great company. I think I even have a chance to get an upgrade if the editor likes me.
I went after to meet with J at his new space and then saw a few other LOVERS on the sidewalk..I was in a hat and glasses I sneaked by not wanting to engage…but then J said lets say and Hi and I realized as I walked back how I don’t fully know how to play well with everyone…we took a photo hugged and kisses and then I ate with J and T and talked about starting places with love and kindness.

I had asked my GOD whoever that is what path to take and then there is T on the path I am on and then at my table and so
I call G and she says bread crumbs and we will all meet tomorrow at the Dance film at the Perez..where I went years ago on a bike following a feeling and then seeing a painting on the wall that I drew… ICU.

The other night I had drinks with Na and B and A and another girl whose name I didn’t catch…U maybe and we spoke about the SAME things that we were on the same page and they have more structure than me but…all the same wave length…lovers and movers and huggers and tricksters.. I am sure

I was in such a mood from Monday day to Thursday Night and it was about feeling like change was happening and no ground falling……just plates slipping beneath my feet by it was growth…not change…growth…that was shifting the plates..and Steve force be out by walking on the beach and telling me I make promises to myself I don’t keep and sometimes that is the best thing that can happen….promised I wouldn’t act again and here I am…a lier.

Settle down dear….breath….dance and blade and feel the wind as you glide with your dog….your neighborhood is your release your letting go and in those trees..those blocks you become your younger self…your younger self did this on skates and you on blades and nothing but the skin has changed…the heart is the same just aware of how fragile it is looking for playmates..always looking for playmates….strong enough to catch you…