Susie k Taylor and co.

My name is Susie K Taylor and this is my company. We are a group of Actors from Miami and we/I are here to HEAL our beloved city and beyond.

I work with companies and individuals in the city through acting. I teach them how to recast themselves and how to change their story from the perspective of Theater.

I create spontaneous creations and I bring them out into the city through improvised movement and powerful creatives.

I am interested in working with powerful people who don’t want to be in pain. I am interested in transmuting energy and healing and owning who we are and pushing through BS to get to our higher more POWERFILLED place.

Please contact me if you are interested in WORKING with me. I will audition you through my process and you – if I feel it is a fit_ will work with

Susie K.Taylor and company– or just have a great day.