Patient and Accepting of other people journey…even when i want to pull their head off.

I transmute that frustration…and it is frustration… I am not a monk nor do I want to be. And, from what I have heard, Monks can also be very intense…warriors…all that pent up energy….-

I am so proud of myself…


I want to redirect –


I want to shake people and say wake up-


I want to turn the lights on…but…

What will that prove. That I can tell people something…Better to love and hold to my practice. Better to breath and dance and transmute that frustration into rocket fuel for finding a new piece of furniture my humble home so desperately needs.

Clean energy is NOT made from CLean energy…Clean energy is sometimes and very often made from 💩- but to insure the stench is gone it must also be transmuted….redirected….before it is sent back out to the world for fuel…Too often we skip this step.

and yes, even after it is cleaned and sent out and used to create brilliantly intensifying light, Yes, eventually that energy will yield 💩 again but perhaps create some LOVe in the inbetween.

WIthout the purification process…it is just 💩 to 💩 in my humble opinion

I hear a man on a piano last night…through a glass door. Third sighting through a glass door this week.

First was a meditating smiling man with eye open cross legged at his front door. Surrounded by hand made wooden signs painted in bright colors that read. Be 😀

The next was of a yoga studio owner in her studio. She was sitting against the wall head down. Her studio was partially undone. Years of work, patiently awaiting a road being redone out front and then sold out classes, overbooked on lobby only, and then…and then 2020…undoing it all. Nothing to do. An empty studio she has to say goodbye to. Helpless. She sat on the wall in her goodbyes- or perhaps it was what I felt for her….from her…I was driving by…it was a glimpse

and then last night as I walked the neighborhood with my dog and I hear the faint sound of a I turn off my book on tape to witness a single father at a piano playing love songs.

A Matchmaker is patient…leading someone to their heart home is kind and torturous- ah a Sherpa….but the torture is not of pain…it is of anticipation…it is of inhales … not exhales….as you walk is as you are is how you move is how you create and from there…we find a pace, a path, a slow and turtle envied approach to life.