A speaking FAST

Yesterday morning I said something to Steve, my hubby, that rubbed him the wrong way. I was too motherly, too concerned, too critical too me…basically. I tried to text him and sort it out but in the end the more I said my peace the more annoyed we both got.

When he came home I said something else about something else and he barked at me again,….I was insulting him again. I was in one of those NO win situation. He was in a mood or I was and there was nothing to be done. I have said out loud many times that. I am so sick of us arguing over nothing. Nothing that is going to change.

I said ” I am just ging to stop talking.” Steve laughed, “you wouldn’t make it an hour.” And with that, I just shut up. I didn’t do it from anger, like the silent treatment. I did it from the monk standpoint. From taking a vow of silence. I just closed my mouth.

It started at 4:40pm in the afternoon and at first I could hear all the words trying to escape out my mouth. Tyrign to push my lips open. Struggling to be heard. And then I felt them resting on my tongue kind of softly mumbing themselves and then I heard nothing – they must have fallen asleep. …my mind went silient.

I was with my family eating dinner watching TV engaging but not saying anything…just MONKING OUT

I thought of not speaking verbally had NEVER ever crossed my mind. IT was a revalation!

I was in pure observation from love mode. I wasn’t even annoyed at my hubby. all that irritability of him barking at me just left.

Before he went to bed he said..”.I never thought I would say this but I prefer when you talk. OH, and I am sorry I was so moody today.”

Being silent will be my new FAST. So often we stop eating but what if we all just needed to STOP SPEAKING.

I highly suggest this. I will definitely be adding it into my routine….not sure how or when but the more I don’t have to talk…the more relaxed I am..