Pharma has gone fem

about 18 years ago or so I maneuvered myself into a pitch for a female contraceptive device called NUVARING with an pharma company named-

I had just heard about it and loved it and wanted to share it with the world. I came up with commercials and called the company every day for weeks until they allowed me to pitch my campaign.

It was good. The tag line was…”This is the ring you have been waiting for”

I remember being in NY and and driving to NJ -staying at my Aunt and Uncles on the upper west side.

But mostly I remember the room of men – the clients- the ad team for Nuva ring-or the pharma…i guess it was the pharma bc I was pitching to THEM…the men who looked at my with interest as I pitched my campaign. I was wearing a blue dress much like Monica Lewinsky…I remember the room of men and the contraceptive and the irony of no women being in the room as I spoke about a birth control device you insert in your vagina…it was odd and to me at the time somewhat normal as an actor…a room of men deciding things . even for my down theres.

And I remembered that experience today while I was standing in a room in front of 20 women- the client- the company – during a fitting for a pharma commercial I am shooting on Sat for something that helps women.

It has been almost two decades and the juxtaposition was digestible …