The sadness of finding flow

The thing that I wondered is…if you find flow will you loose your loves.
The answer…some of them.

Some of your loves were loves to get you here and those you will loose…and then some of the loves are why you got here and those you keep.
You can;t hang on to the bridges you crossed..if you ever want to get to the other will loose some and for me mine is wanting to play those dark deep seeded roles that are required to anoint great actors.
I am done trying to dig internally to grasp at my coils and put them on display for you. I am done hurting to find the rawness of it all.

So to teach my class..i think that too is was more for me then you my loves. More for my ability to be kind regardless and love relentlessly and pursue your pursuits – but the truth is

I am not in love with your teacher anymore..she is free and has learned her lesson. I am not in love with the ideas you anointed me with in fact they scare me more than anything. I wish you all freedom form anyone’s point of view and that you see your light with your own eyes deeper than anyone ever could or will. You experience your life and we are here to tap you to center..
I’m thankful to you all my students my roles that were darker than all things OTHER…but is time to be ME