the truth is.

If I started writing today what I found out about life over the past 44 years I could stop right now. Love.

In the end it is all about this four letter word we say less than other four letter words and even when we do we mean it less then the others…we plant it on shirts and trees but in the the end it is the only liberation from anything …the love we have in our hearts and the love we are willing to share with the world…that is the only commodity that matters and if you happen to have food and a roof and a friend or two you have enough…but
I live in Miami and I ran from it-this city- as soon as I understood the rest of the world had a slower kinder map to joy- to love…or so I felt -thought …I want to have a theater and create for no award money..just laughter and smiles and then I turned into a worker a gainer a person who felt the need to fit in and through that fitting I contorted and through that I learned to be flexible and on the other side…where I sit now…I am not the person I wish I was…I am myself and in that I am all that I could ever be….I am not perfect or beautiful or honest to any large measure but loving…I practice that loving often…but for once a month…I love less that week…those days I bleed and perhaps channel and hear the pull of the causes of the desires of the that week…when my legs drip with red…I know life is not just life but we are qn earth we are one being being steered by its own energy content…being lifted of dropped from the orbit depending on the frequency we can emit..
and I know there is WORK to do..

I am here on my little keyboard tip tapping away…what can I tell you…that you are beautiful…that no one can nurture you more than you can nurture yourself..that your mother was just a teacher like any other…yes your first but a teacher just the same…and skills to love oneself were either taught or not…but the truth is..she was not a teacher but rather a remembering…she was reminding you what you already knew from the last trip you took on this earth…we all are love itself…being shown we are is the starting button…however..if you were not reminded or not reminded fully or reminded and stolen from when you were young …I have seen in my students that it is possible to remember yourself.. your true self…however you want to relate to her…if you are honest and kind enough….with others.with the world…not giving…not endlessly doing…but from the observer in you…if you are kind you can see something…out there that guides you home to your true self…all of you.
Love and nurturing is not the job of your mother or father…it is a duty they do their best at…but it is your entire purpose here on this earth to love your fullest self to find her.own her…cherish her with kisses and love her more than anyone could ever think to love her…
you will forget this again…as I have and then you will re-remember yourself…and fall deeper in LOVE with your own eyes and your own skin…don’t think a marketing sales person is your guide..don’t let the advertising world tell you what you want and need…don’t become the image that they need to sell the idea that sex is the only way to god…and love…stop buying the crap..
remember one thing…LOVE…it takes time and patience but once you find her…hold her softly and remind her daily she is welcome in your often she is rejected and she herself needs softness.

If I could tell you all I learned in the 44 years I have lived it is that nothing ever ever maters then the desire to LOVE yourself and if you can muster…one or two others around you….you have the universe…
in the palm of your hand….tred lightly love gently and let go with grace…