Thyroid and iodine and a red circle that almost kept the results in the dark.

PS. PS. After continuing on the journey and learning more about IODINE I will soon learn that taking IODINE with an AUTONOMOUS NODULE like I have is A NO GO and I have to get off it until I handle the nodule issue: here is the blog about that info

I am putting this here so that incase you are not reading the entire blog you dont miss this very important info,

my Endo…not mine anymore we broke up. I am trying NOT to send him I told you so letter…But I feel so vindicated…so empowered….but I shall blog here about it instead.

OK, So if you read the other blog about how this Doc and I didn’t click I want to tell you I stayed with him anyway. He was fine enough and was able to order tests and we did them ALL.

The last one was a Thyroid uptake. To be cleared to take that I had to take an IODINE LEVEL test. Make sure I was not HIGH in Iodine. ( remember my interest in being too low he dismissed?)

REMEMBER. I was taking iodine originally when I went there from what I learned on the internet and this DOC was so annoyed with my "flippancy to take something SOOO dangerous"...he demanded I get off it to run the labs and wait 8 weeks ( along with other bovine supplements which perhaps he was correct about since I am still reading HYPER)

Anywho….the iodine test was then taken. I was happy to gather my pee in a container all day if it meant I would get that original question I asked answered…could I be iodine deficient?

almost a week later I was rollerblading when the doctor called..He had also taken a blood test the last visit and so I had a few questions answered.

NO graves antibodies and my iodine was fine…



I was shocked but I believed him.

days go by I did my iodine uptake test and got those results back today.

At the time he called …I was in the isle of a healthy grocery story googlings over sweet potato rice noodles and holding a juice I got for my post circus out I had just finished. and my doc recomended that since I have a toxic Nodule and hyper I should consider radiation therapy.( something he spoke about on day one office visit and seemed a fan) I asked about the outcomes of success..he said 50/50. Meaning I could just as easily be healed as I could become HYPO after all of this.- He then mentioned surgery could also be an option. I asked for a name of a second opinion and also asked if I have time to think on this. He said YES and then gave me the name of a DR.

I thanked him and said something like an apology for my crazy crying fit my first appointment with him and I had not expected to ever go back but to see him after that but I did -I didn’t follow my usual way of running from such a flip-ant person when it comes to not . open to listening …and going toward a kinder alternative more open approach…( part fo that is still true because if you keep your eyes open…no matter which way you go you will learn what you need to)

I called steve gave him the news as I looked at the sweet potato pasta…I don’t remember what he said other than…Steve felt that the he recalled the dr. very into the radio active and that we will see the other doctor and talk about surgery..

I hung up and then thought…oh I have been lining up a naturopath gyno…I am going to see her bc she was recommended from three friends and when I filled out her intake questionnaire a few weeks ago -I fell in love. She wanted to KNOW KNOW me and yes it is out of pocket…but my pocket had money in it and what better way then on my health. I called and asked for their first available …they said today at 4pm WHAT? OMG

I paid for my juice and that pasta made from sweet potatoes and I called the other endo as I walked to get my eyebrows threaded..I like this strip mall ..but they don’t have a pole..I digress…then I stayed on hold with the other ENDO office while my brows were cleaned up and I made an appointment on the 4th…of December moments before my online coaching session will Jill Grunewald of the book about Thyroid and food. I cover my bases when I do this type fo stuff…like a character I find our everything…research is my second name or at least investigation and following my gut.

I went to my SPACE got my labs form my past appointments and organized my papers…( i have a book in here i need to write..found the outline and everything ) I went home and printed out the latest labs I showered got the Jaedon from school..I stopped by my internal general dr and picked up my OLD labs ( that proved this was an issue a year ago and NO one mentioned anything- Cleaning house) and I was soon enough on my way to my GYNO naturopath appointment.

I get there and at first there was a mix up but eventually It was cleared..I could see the DR. I went in..I could see her standing at her desk through the reflection in the glass door she has. PROPER..

I sat down we talked…she went over ALL the labs and all the info in the original new patient questionnaire I LOVED so much-we spoke about a few different things…she wanted me to see a surgeon about the thyroid…UNTIL…

and here is where that red circle comes in- we went to do a pelvic exam and she said I have a LARGE fibroid…and will need an ultrasound. OH i say…yes and she goes on to softly state how this may need to be removed of I will need a hysterectomy if it is too big or gets bigger..OH…and then she talks about BRACA and all that and I say well one thing at a time..and then she says well everyting is connected and I say how and the conversation leads slowly to IODINE and how being low can cause these things..I tell her I had a test and it was normal and she said oh,,let’s go look at that and here is the kicker.

The Iodine test was taken with the intention on insuring I was at a low enough level to have additional iodine given to me at the uptake radioactive iodine test… devil is in the details.

But when I looked at the LAB report TODAY – the GYNO and I we saw that the red circle said ACCEPTABLE FOR TYROID scan…but JUST ABOVE THAT..

It clearly states I am LOW in iodine.which can cause a toxic nodule and thyroid issues and so…I have an answer to WHY…why the thyroid and why the fibroid.. and the heavy persiod and the lists of things..

THANK GOODNESS for that patient portal that had my documents and for me being diligent and following MY GUT again and making that appointment Today and for knowing who my follow ups were and my team and for my friends I have made that gave me all these names and people they trust…tomorrow. I have another appointment with a nutritionist who I can say..hey. I have low iodine…lets fix THAT.shall we…

I feel vindicated from writing this… I see now from trying to explain the story to you why my doctor miss read the lab results – The red circle was around something he wanted to see – he wasn’t looking at what I wanted to see and your own advocate…as my dear DARIA would say.

I can hear my father..always ask that next question..I hear him saying …nice research… and I got an image of him holding hands with God I asked him about BRACA and he said nope….i am spared…so he thinks…but that is for another day. Maybe tomorrow…can’t a middle age lady breath a second.

Took my iodine felt amazing….didn’t sleep I was too wired from all of this new information…

PS. After continuing on the journey and learning more about IODINE I will soon learn that taking IODINE with an AUTONOMOUS NODULE like I have is A NO GO and I have to get off it until I handle the nodule issue