to all the girls i have loved before

I break up with women often. I try and remember where it started. Who was my first break up and why? Maybe it was Jennifer at Camp Robndale. I remember we went as friends and left not really talking or something horrible like I joined the mean kids and picked on her-

I remember in junior high, I was not very loving to people. I didn’t know that but I was popular and so i must have had my moments and i was told i was snobby. or so they say.

In high school I broke up with Sofi.
I think t was because she was dating a kid and we didn’t like it so we stopped talking to her. I guess that was my first official break up.

In college My roommate GWEN who got drunk and tried to beat me up. We broke up
In London my record was clean
In NY my college sorority sister Marcy and I lived together and then broke up
I was trained by Terri and we broke up
I had kids and Amy and I broke up
And in Miami, the list is so long
kara bc of pancakes
Jodi regarding bibbitec
Melissa and
Michelle re the what if
Katherine re the Bettie and bunny
Nika re an email
Dana re my retreat
Christina re misrepresentation

In a span of 47 years that seems about right.
I have also had deep female friendships with dozens women that have lasted since 3rd grade, 7th grade, new moms, new artist friends….I have had many more relationships with women work than not. I have many friends and I make them often and I try and tend to them as best I can but some will go into hibernation and thats part of being.