I drove into my driveway last night. The grey stoned gravel sprinkled with fresh weeds attmpting to get by my husbands watchful eye sounded my arrival.

You always know when someone is visiting when you have a gravel driveway. comforting sound.

I stepped out of my gun metal audi wearing a sweaty workout outfit. Blue leggings I had finally found after their two month hiding stint in someones room and a blank tank with na green tree and with the Hebrew letters.

I had just finished my second self defence class with JD. An olympian martial arts instructor that also happens to drive a q7 audi…but in white.

As I closed my care door the stronge smell of burnt popcorn filled my nostrils. The venetian blinds on the front window were revealed that the actual windows were slid open and a smile began to cross my face.

Someone other than me burnt popcorn.

I was entering into a house of smoke and there was a fan place strategically in the main entrance trying to dissipate the smell.

The funny thing about smoke is how it never really is dissipates. You can smell it days after. on a towel, on the couch….smoke sticks to things.

That is how energy is…it sticks and the darker and thicker it is the more it sticks. Dark energy doesn’t dissipate easily. it needs time and it needs washing and we need to acknowledge that- like smoke- energy can hide in places wishing our own selves..

Clearing energy like clearing smoke…requiers persistance and anyone in a house can burn somethign and create it or can come home and bring it in…