Who is Susie K Taylor

Susanne Kreitman Taylor ( Susie K. Taylor) is the creator of SURF Method and an Actor in Miami, Florida. She began her fitness career in New York City where she became certified by A.C.E. and Johnny G. She taught at several gyms throughout the city, including Crunch and New York Heath and Racquet. Her focus was Spin, Cardio Kickboxing, and Personal training. In Miami, Taylor became certified in Pole Dancing through Soul Tree Motion.

Besides fitness, Susie holds a Post Graduate degree in Classical Theater from Webber Douglass Academy in London, A B.A. in Theater from Penn State and is a graduate of New World School of the Arts. Her comprehensive training in the theater combined with fitness and her personal experiences led her to want to develop a fitness class to help actors get OUT of character, something she felt was missing in her training and her life.

Susie spent three years as a Movement Professor for Actors at New York Film Academy perfecting her method. Her work and research birthed what she now calls SURF tm (Story Understand Recast Flow) : How to get out of character.

Taylor found that the class was not only helpful for actors but helpful to everyone. With a focus on selflove and authentic movement, SURF helps heal individuals and relationships by teaching people Emotional Awareness through the joy of movement.

Taylor believes timing is everything and looks forward to helping you promote your new clothing line along with her SURF method.

Taylor is the Author of SURF tm An actors Method out of the Madness and the Founder and Artistic Director of The Creative Shelter. A place for creative Wellness where she teaches her class SURF, offers retreats, and develops well ART based on her SURF method.
Taylor was seen on Shark Tank for her invention bibbitec, the Ultimate bib.