You can’t be a strategic Artist

Artist- are the most caring loving mother fuckers you will ever meet. If you work with a tit for tat with them you dilute what they can offer the universe. DON”T
If you give them limitations you will instantly kill their creative potential.
Yes they need limitations but they need to be able to create those for themselves. through trial and error.

I am learning that my next limitation is to remove myself from any type of of business conversation. I am not someone who can PLAY with anyone and in business that is important to be able to nice-ish or manipulative-ish.
Now, I can manipulate the fuck out of people but I don’t…it is a form of rape from the artistic point of view…it ties you to a strategy…an expectation…an existing conversation….making someone give themselves to you by a power you have…to manipulate them….a creative power given to you by the GODS to communicate to heal not to be used on civilians to perpetuate pain!
Maybe I will live.a creative life alone…maybe I will be a solo performer and go to Edinburgh alone just me and my broom.
I speak for the universe and that is my collaborator…I am not interested in being used by anyone or using anyone…I am not interested in teaching…being in anyone’s work.but my own..I am dying…eventually… and I am going to act ACT that way…As if… this is IS…because it is…all the waiting is FOR fuck all…for nothing…I am going to do a Kickstarter to build up my work and ask people to help me fund the show and The Creative Shelter…. I play with SLAYERS only….because they are the only ones that can be around me…without dying…
Note to universe:Build be a play ground with a bunch of Artistic Mother Fuckers.