A clean and kind actor

I am considering that the issues I have had in the work I have done is due to the lack of restrictions.
As an artist being able to explore every angle is important but being able to have a safe SPACE to do it in is equally important.
The lack of rules, authority, insurance, restrictions on substances can cause artist to spin out of control.
I am interested in creating a clean actor company that is run like a Conscience company where drugs and alcohol and Botox and other emotional dampeners but for persecuted are not part of this experiment.
I keep thinking maybe I am just interested in working with or starting with children as they tend not to use or have access to these items and are more connected to their higher selves.
It is hard for me to consider this but perhaps it is an angle i have to test and try.
I am going to talk to MTC and to Miami Light Project and maybe arts for learnings…about building from the ground up a group do loving warriors that keep themselves at a higher frequency-

I am scared to do this…to drop back down to children but I always take the long road…
Also I applied to teach my class in Edinburgh so if I build towards that with an instagram and social media account I think I can split the time up there between the class and the show and maybe the house will serve to hold the RETREAT on the second week up there?
An actors retreat with teachers-tech and video?