Went to yoga class-taught the teacher

I went to a yoga class and i was the only one..the instructor started chatting with me and soon enough we were on the same waves length and then she said she wanted to take my class and then i said sure and then I said why not now…?

So we set up her beutiful room that has flamingos on it and we did a private for her. We finished with her looking at her piece and seeing herself in the “performance” and realizing what was happening…

Being able to show her the video right away was huge. I haven’t one this much…if at all …i usually suspect they watch themselves at home…NEVER assume!
.. but her immediate ownership of it was huge..she was amazed at what she was doing and the contrast to what she thought she was doing…and allowing —perhaps for letting go…it was done heard and said.

I am in talks with a fellow actor who got stuck in character and I hope to do a session with him this week.

I haven’t really been able to work with a professional actor ( other than myself) stuck in character from a play …so. It will be great to do that.

Maybe my work is a non for profit?
I need a little space to hold the class.
I am going to look around my neighborhood.

Going to help my favorite neighbor move away..