About two YEARS ago I began searching seriously for a Dr. that would perform my explant. I had taken four years to get my head around the idea and it was time to take action.

This action was NOT based on physical illness. This explant was based on an emotional wellness conversation I was having with myself. I had already let go of the BOTOX journey.

I am sure the Botox experience was a preview for me to truly realize what was really really going on. I wanted to KNOW know me but I was left with a LIE on my chest and I couldn’t shake it…I had to explant it

A lie I had told myself and allowed myself to hear but truly can’t even remember it…like a pain. I am on the other side and it is just a faint smell I sort of recall. Insecurity mixed with blind determination.

My scares are almost undetectable to me…without my contacts. My body has reset itself and so has my mind. I recognize my silhouette again . I am in love with my self and I feel no resistance in doing so. Nothing to shake from my chest but my little boobies.

It takes works to LOVE LOVE LOVE is easier to put on the make up and erase the lines…no doubt…I still dye my hair but I can see that ending soon…and for what..

I am an Artist. My body is my medium. I want to know I knew myself better than any character I ever play. And in order to do that I have to being with the notion that I am willing to be honest with myself.

So TWO years… I had them drained in early December 2018 and then removed the 14th I think and then a lift in May and now…It has been a year and a half since the last surgery.

Many people are just now hearing of health ricks with the breast but for me it was a well risk. I wanted to be as well as I could once I found the person I was and I wanted to know her as well as I could…all of HER…

TO those thinking about breasts…THINK HARD…it is a LIFE LONG DECISION. LIFE LONG.

Your boobies are natural and real and YOU….ANd unless you are SICK and it is no choice..although a friend decided NOT to implant after her Mastectomy and she is now a wildly successful model/actress.

OK..stepping down from my soap box…Sending love to you all and no judgement…just sharing my thoughts…

love and laughter… Sooze