found a lil space

several years ago I worked in a space that was in Wynwood. I did a performance there during Art Basel and it was amazing and immersive and beautiful but the people I worked with ran away and the theater I though I was building was a crumble and I too felt crumbled inside. I had again played my dream at their feet. Lesson learned

Today I felt the need to return to the new location of that space and found myself talking to an old boss that hired me for a gig that is still being used to help him sell LOTS and LOTS of art.

I told him what I do..why I do what I do and he seemed to get in…want it and was engaged and a little taken in by my strength…which I know I have now…no need to hold my dream… I go it.

Then the woman I was intending on meeting…being… came in with her eyes teary and we talked and she opened up to me and I held her and I helped her and when the fed ex guy asked her for directions I showed her how that is the character she is playing and even HE feels it…

She introduced me to more folks who I totally clicked with and who heard what I do and felt it was amazing…like constellations and intense…then she showed me a future project and we made plans to meet tomorrow night.

In one moment I said I wanted a space and in the very next I received it…the place was always there…it was me that ran away to redefine myself as a person who can run a theater without giving a shit and knowing my ability to heal is going to be projected through and injected into the community through my work.

all the way around again..

TO 2019 and beyond.