if I had a twin soul….she would be

a twin soul can be your sister…as long as she is interested in the job…but usually they aren’t…mine wasn’t…she would rather rake her OWN leaves then jump in your pile…even if she does it alone…

If I had a twin flame she may be my yoga instructor who wonders why after a fulfilling day like today my shoulders a collapsing in all my downward dogs…

If I had twin flame is could have been my husband but he goes to sleep .early at 9pm…..I suspect like most of us do and Aren’t twin flames forever on fire together?

I thought he was my twin flame but he is a mirror of my soul created through mimics to know me…and in that I fell and in that I saw that from the ground back up is the way to build a Soul that can throw her own flames..

And a twin Soul is a Soul that knows its younger self and recognizes her for all she has been through and hugs her close enough to conjoin with her..melt with her and become her but with respect and kindness and love..
my twin soul is my younger selves and I suspect my older selves and within their embrace I build my new future…my life as the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF THE CREATIVE SHELTER.