TED TALK @ SURF out of your character.

Hello- My name is Susie K Taylor I am an Actor and I created and teach a class that uses acting techniques to heal emotional pains.

I was born and raised in Miami. My father practiced medicine and my mother is an artist. So- there you go.

A brief history of why I created this class SURF was that I was dealing with the death of my father and simultaneously trying to return to my acting career I had put on hold for almost a decade.

I was in therapy and I was renting a room at IRON FLOWER to try and remember myself and my acting chops through movement …get my emotional scales up to par and my body back in actor shape…

What I found was that through remembering my acting classes and combining movement techniques I studied…I created a way OUT…

I way out of the role of the grieving daughter.

This took time..I was teaching this since 2014 and I then began to perfect it at an acting school where I was a professor of movement..and now I have a class, a process and I guess a way of moving through this world that is working for me and others…

It is a movement class that teaches us all how to get out of character and approach the day, the story, the play, from a lesser charged point of view.

So how do we do that…

First we prepare our mind and our heart to accept a new conversation..another point of view…

Then we warm up our bodies with a sort of follow the leader based movement Vocabulary we learn ..and then we perform…

Now that we are opened and connected and also protected we sacrifice a story.

The student offers up a STORY with the full understanding that
1) it will be fully heard…
2) it will be fully believed
3) it will then be challeneged
4) it may turn out to not be true…anymore

The pain body can live in the present and that is a problem…If the pain is not happening right now…and we pretend and remind ourselves it is..then we are recreating that trauma over and over again and doubling down on it..

It can get very damaging…to the actor and to anyone around them

My belief is that we are NOT our stories and that we can learn to forgive them and move on..

The question is…then who are you?

I believe you are just lightness…at our core we are all creative beings and that we can emulate the happiness in our heart …if we are willing to see that and recieve that.

Most people- most people’s Ego’s don’t enjoy that because there isn’t anything to really HOLD onto…

Being Uncharged…which I work on every day….is the feeling that nothing – after you leave it- pulls on you too much…Good or bad..

When you are with that “ high charged real time situation” you navigate through it like an actor in a play and then when you leave …you walk out of the STORY…you are not threaded to it.

I have done this work  with almost all my family members I have had CHARGES from..some I went to personally and some I did the work in the room and that was enough…I have even gone back to exes and asked them to forgive me…for holding them in the negative energy all these years because our thoughts are powerful and if you believe you can do anything then you have to also believe you can hurt people our thoughts.

Each of these releases…released me..From….My roles that I was playing…like pleaser, seducer, manipulator. and victim started to get softer and softer and my awareness of not HOLDING onto any new pain became very conscious..


SO the performance aspect of my class has a four step process that can be repeated as many time as needed and can start from the beginning or the end..

Story Understanding, Recasting. Flow

Actors are an important part of our society and when we are not healthy we can affect the society as a hole. Maybe that goes for all artist. Our power to communicate is our calling and if we are open and a viable to communicate and strengthen the pain body…well then that is what we will do to a society…create more pain

I challenger the artist of today to reimagine our world…another version than what is playing on the boob tube…a kinder version and PAINT and PLAY THAT…because everything else is just TRIGGERS and we need to as artist to end the STORY by not participating in it anymore..