hello—— YOGA

I just took my first yoga class. Well not technically but kind of…from a guy I met about fur years ago and just as it turns happenstance.. I was at the Soho house and the locker room door was locked so I walked to the yoga room to perhaps sit and relax but I saw black flip flops at the entrance of the room with white designs on them…so I remembered there was a class…I walked back out and down the hall to the Rhythems of the mediation sound of piped in chimes and as my feet landed on the carpets…I thought about finishing my decaf coffee on the balcony of the gym but as I walked toward the gym the hotel clerk appeared with a key and opened the locker room as I passed it and opened the door. As I entered I looked to the right and saw the gentlemen I was sharing a staircase with earlier- H wa going…to YOGA I guess and so as I entered the locker room and my body led me to the locker I insticically changed into my yoga clothes and walked to the yoga studio. entered through the back entrance and was informed that this teacher that I have taken class with just a few weeks ago and who’s energy I enjoyed to the point of choosing that yoga space to teach my SURF CLASS at.
We teaches/leads a mycore class which is a self lead mediation with assistance. I have tried this other places before and injured my knee which I am still dealing with so I took it slow..he took it slow and in my back bend which he seemed unimpressed by he whispered…


I thought about it laughed and thanked the universe and images of him with Steve and I in Scotland started to dance in my mind…a woman and a husband wtth a yogi we travel with….WHY NOT…

We signed the papers and it is official…Edinbough 2019 is happening…thank you Tim for the nudge in that direction with pointing me towards Flea Bag.

I’ll be just like her but the opposite..