my creative CURE team.

i have decided to cast a team of people to help me through this maze of a thryoid/auto imune Story. And it is just that, a sotry I am going THROUGH I will one day tell someone about in two sentences.

I had Hashimotos and now I don’t- excuse me while I go out for my second curtain call.

If anyone can focus in on casting people it is me after all the breakups I have had with friends and creatives over the years.

First I am truly understanding that i enjoy several people telling me the same thing. It gives me less wiggle room and I tend to wiggel.

So, the latest and greatest addition to my team at Dr. Kogon who originally informed me I have Hashimotos and out me on supplement that helped me feel better ( i believe) I have fired my Edno who I won’t name .

My holistic Gyno is Dr. Wolloch who I adore and my nutritionist is Andrea Larson and I will be meeting with Dr. Dach who will be the supporting actor of this piece. I am the lead. 🙂 I have already decided that without meeting him because he is an iodine practitioner and also used to be an MD and now is in functional medicine. I have read his studies, Seen him referenced in books and I have heard great things from people who heard of him…so Monday I will meet him and I hope he will look over all my tests and as I read up on the protocol for Hashimoto’s I hope he will be my “stage manager”

i look forward to NOT writing about this so much but to be honest taking . are of yourself is a full time job and requires diligence …what you eat, think, feel and do…mindfulness on a day to day basis……