My team of Doctors Concur…have to take the autonomous thyroid nodule OUT….and stop taking my iodine (((((((

I was so excited to met with Dr. Dach. I learned about him online and was told by my holistic friend he was amazing…and very much seems to take a holistic functional approach to wellness after 25 years of working in traditional medicine.

His office is in Davie and my mother and I drove up for my appointment. I wanted to spent time with her so we went up early and ended up eating at a place that was called Mustard seed in Davie. I had actually by chance ben there before and It was super yummy.

we were a little late for our appointment but Dr. Dach was not at all bothered. We sat in his office and we spoke and he was funny and sweet and asked some questions and then asked me to tell my story. I told him the whole journey.

When he was about to tell me his thoughts I reached in to my folder and pulled up an image of the iodine upscan. He said I had not sent that and so I gave it to him.

He looked it over and then he continued and said. Yes, I agree with Dr. Thaler. You need to either have surgery or Iodine Radiation. Also he asked about the IODINE in take and then once he calculated the amount he advised me to stop. ” it is putting flame on the fire. You have an autonomous nodule and it is running rouge and iodine is feeding that.” Shocked again. The reason I was going to Dr. Dach was because he was listed as one of the few iodine practitioners in the south Florida area and here is is telling me to stop taking it. I was just …I was…all of it..his agreeing with Dr. Thaler and now the stopping of my lovely IODINE. NOOOOOOOOOO

I was stunned. My functional Dr. was agreeing with my mainstream Endo.

I looked at my mom.

” but what about the Hashimotos?” I asked him.

Dr. Dach is an older gentleman and kind. His response was non verbal at first. He held up the image and pointed to the discreptency between the two sides of my thyroid. One side was BLACK which i believe represented it being very HOT and the other was partially normal.

“This is your concern at the moment, do you see the difference in the sides?

I go the message loud and clear. he was not flippant of cold he was not even matter of fact he was actually LOVING…which I needed…rare to find that.

All in all Dr. Dash spent nearly an hour with me and sent me on my way without even charging me for the consultation. I was impressed with all of it. He had such a sense about him and you could tell he is here to truly heal people.

I walked to the car with my mom who immediately mentioned I need to send him a thank you letter. I got into the car and mad an appointment with my Dr. Thaler my endo for the following day.

When I go home I researched the two options and found a local expected thyroid surgeon is at Baptist. Dr. Udelsman.

The next day I spoke with Dr. Thaler about my two options Iodine Radiation or surgery. oh (and I mentioned i was back on Iodine drops and he said well after you have this all taken care of maybe we will put you back on it. ) YEAH

I left the appointment and called to make two more appointments. One with the Surgeon I found online which is also the Lead Physician of Endocrine Neoplasia at Baptist and also with Dr. Lew at UM who Thaler referred.

This will be something I probably decide to do after the show closes in April or May.

Proud of myself for following my gut and learning everything about my health…not everything but a lot…about the thyroid and the hormones and my genes and really cutting out the gluten and Diary and Coffee and sugar.

So there you go!!!